Creating Your Wallet – Buying Coin


An important starting point.

Think of your wallet as your “bank account”.   I recommend an established wallet provider such as  I use  The set up is pretty straight forward as you follow their prompts.  Ensure you store your private key code in “cold storage” off-line, where you can access it as you need to.

NOTE: You are the only one, based on your private key code, that can access your coin.  If it is somehow lost,  your coin will also be lost and unretrievable.

To now buy coin for your wallet, you have a number of options.  This may not appear as straight forward but I would highly recommend one persist and follow steps to acquire your initial coin.   Start small to get the hang of it and get in the game.  I suggest $100 but it could be less if you wish.

To keep it simple, I would recommend first looking into doing a person-to-person exchange with someone you know who is willing to part with some coin or locate someone in your area at

Beyond this there are numerous exchanges to buy and sell.  I recommend one simply research and read up on it, including locating a local coin ATM machine.   See

Recommended is the use of an offline, cold storage wallet such as Ledger Nano or Trezor.

Some of these transactions are direct.  Others, such as with QuardrigaCX, require one to set up an account with them and deposit conventional currency, into your account.  From there, they facilitate the transaction, for a fee.

You are on your way …